“Higher Quality, Higher Converting Leads”



  • The single most effective marketing tool ever used by a financial adviser, revised and updated for today’s marketplace.

  • A remarkable custom branded fact-finding tool which gives financial advisers the most highly qualified leads and enquiries they will ever see
  • Provides your clients with a regular check-in or in-depth diagnostic

In their own words:

“A live demonstration of how ‘scorecard’ or quiz marketing can dramatically transform the effectiveness of a financial adviser’s website – whilst giving the adviser valuable data with which to decide which clients to follow up.

A Scorecard is much like a quiz (questionnaire/assessment/test) but rather than just collecting answers from people with no value returned, a Scorecard uses the data collected to instantly provide valuable insights back to the person taking it.

This makes it an amazing lead magnet in its own right – your lead gets more value than ever because it is tailored specifically to them, whilst providing you, the financial adviser with valuable data – and able to personalise your follow up

A Scorecard is a ‘win win’ tool, a powerful way to grow the client base of any business that needs to get to know prospects before they can become clients.”

Company Info

Product Displayed: Scorecard and Quiz Marketing

Presenter: Philip Calvert