“Simplifying the complex”



  • EVPro is the groundbreaking end-to-end financial planning tool that lets you assess, build, stress-test, review and solve your clients’ plans all within one easy-to-use solution
  • Comprising 3 core modules, Risk, Invest, Goal and 2 bolt-on modules, Solver and Review. It contains your risk questionnaire, portfolio suitability optimiser and cash flow planner all in one attractive interface. And, thanks to the very latest tech advancements, it lets you stress test and accurately optimise your clients’ plans with a push of a button, saving you hours of admin.
  • All underpinned by our proprietary stochastic model to deliver consistent and reliable client outcomes.

In their own words:

“In our disruptive tech demo today we showcase ‘EVPro – Solver’, one of the five software modules that make up our end-to-end financial planning tool, EVPro. Our Solver tool may seem like magic, but at the touch of a button and in mere seconds 1000 market assumptions are tested simultaneously to deliver problem-solving solutions for your off-target client plans. Join the magic show, as we demonstrate the power and simplicity of rapid stress tests!”

Company Info

HQ: Newbury Business Park

Founded: 2011

Product Displayed: EVPro – Solver

Presenter: Gemma Brazier