“Digital Advice via Demographics”


  • Financial planning is a long and arduous process that typically consists of an advisor asking their clients a few hundred questions that cover everything from income, demographics, expenses, goals, protection, benefits, and gifting.
  • However, what if there was a way to reduce the number of questions asked by 50% and provide contextually relevant advice in 30 seconds?

In their own words:

“At the heart of every advisor/client relationship is a belief that the value of advice providers lies in their ability to help plan for a better future.

As of today, there are two main ways to generate a financial plan and they are: Goals based, or Dollar based. However, both approaches and all of today’s financial planning and risk tools are based on point-in-time questions that do not account for the variability of expenses over time, and this greatly reduces a client’s chances of success.

InterGen Data, overcomes this problem by utilizing its patent-pending Life Stage Life Event algorithms to provide predictive data and analysis about when important life events are likely to occur, what those events could be, and how much they might impact one’s financial journey.

In turn, this results in contextually relevant advice that can be micro tailored to each person in as little as thirty seconds.”

Company Info

HQ: Plano, Texas

Founded: 2017

Product Displayed: DAVID – Digital Advice via Demographics

Presenter: Robert J. Kirk