“Market-leading financial planning software”



  • SELECTAPENSION’S innovative pension and investment planning system provides highly detailed analysis reports, comparing over 100 products and funds, and over 60 Providers, to be used from the accrual to at-retirement stages of the planning cycle.
  • Our customers are Financial Advisers, Paraplanners, Banks, Providers, Pension Transfer Bureaus, Actuaries, Scheme Trustees, and other Pension Professionals.

In their own words:

“The SELECTAPENSION Pension Switching tool allows you to input multiple ceding schemes with different projection rates and fund choices to produce an easy-to-read, client-facing report.

This tool includes critical yields, the ability to build and maintain fund portfolios, compare existing fund performance vs new fund performance and filter by features & financial strength. We have a range of DFM strategies and model portfolios to select and the FCA Switching template is pre-populated (where applicable) for compliance.”

Company Info

HQ: Crowborough, East Sussex

Founded: 2004

Product Displayed: Selectapension Pension Switching Tool

Presenter: Keith Hinkley