“Raising the bar on client experience using client feedback and cross-industry insights.”



  • Elevation is a new platform created by VouchedFor.

  • Inspired by insights from over 250,000 client reviews, it helps advice firms ‘raise the bar’ on client experience. 

  • It also helps meet Consumer Duty requirements.

In their own words:

“Elevation, created by VouchedFor, helps advice firms ‘raise the bar’ on client experience and meet Consumer Duty requirements.

Using carefully engineered client questions, Elevation reveals how an advice firm is tracking against these 3 goals:

1. Creating brilliant first impressions, increasing new client conversion rate
2. Delighting existing clients, generating advocacy and retention
3. Safeguarding clients’ best interests and mitigating risk

Elevation shows how the firm compares with the rest of the industry and reveals the client experience ‘drivers’ it should focus on to improve.

These drivers, based on analysis of over 250,000 client reviews, are the factors that make the biggest positive difference to the client experience. They cover everything from clarity of communication to the understanding of risk and client confidence.

It’s possible to collect feedback privately through Elevation (think much better client survey!). Also to make relevant parts of it public on the VouchedFor.co.uk review platform – powering social proof.”

Company Info

HQ: Teddington, London

Founded: 2011

Product Displayed: Elevation

Presenter: Alex Whitson and Caroline Clarkson-Lund