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In late 2022 we conducted a wide-ranging study of the Hybrid advice market, that was refreshed in Q1 of 2023 to reflect the rapid pace of developments taking place in this space from the existing technology vendors and to make room for the new entrants that have come to market. We now hold over 6,300 data points, comparing 9 Hybrid advice solutions, putting us in a unique and powerful position to not only assist advisers with their partner selection process, but also share back with providers detailed analysis of how their proposition compares with their competitors, based upon the survey questions completed.

Hybrid advice white paper

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of financial advice practices deploying technology that involves the client more directly in the advice process, e.g. completion of online fact finds, accessing data and documents via client portals and online risk profilers.

Financial Technology Research Centre (FTRC) firmly believe that advice firms who invest in their technology and digitise the client experience will thrive and survive. Forward thinking advice firms are now embedding client-facing digital solutions into their propositions,  these firms have already embarked on a journey towards Hybrid Advice. 

In recognition of developments in this area, FTRC have conducted an extensive market study into the emerging Hybrid Advice market in 2023 to gain deeper insights into the breadth and depth of the solutions that are available to advice firms today.

Our research identified two key challenges facing the Hybrid Advice market. Firstly, advisers need help to understand exactly what Hybrid Advice solutions can deliver. Secondly, technology vendors, whilst having delivered some very impressive capability, will need to improve the breadth and depth of their offerings if they are to deliver solutions that will address the needs of their prospective clients i.e. advice firms.


“We approached FTRC as were looking to explore Hybrid Advice partners for our business. We had an understanding of what we thought we required, but FTRC helped us broaden our thinking and expand our knowledge in this market.

We worked together for a couple of months looking at who the key players in the market are and what functionality they could offer to our business. FTRC carried out a detailed RFI which took us through a selection process to help us identify potential partners.

Their expertise and detailed understanding of the advice tech market enabled us to work far quicker and more efficiently. They played the role of our ‘Critical Friend’ to act as a moderator, external industry voice and sounding board to help us make detailed and informed decisions”

Ian Plumpton, Chief Operating Officer, Attivo 

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Are you an adviser looking for a Hybrid Advice supplier?

We have created a three-stage process to help you and your firm better understand your requirements, identify the key players and create a short list and final assessment:


     1. Requirements workshop and scoping session

A discovery workshop (which we would carry out online and record) for us to review, debate and challenge your thinking so that we fully understand your needs with respect to a potential Hybrid Advice supplier.

This means that when we carry out the initial RFI we will be able to ensure we are gathering the right software vendor analysis. ​

     2. Identify key players and high-level assessment​

FTRC to provide an overview of the primary automated / hybrid advice systems currently available in the UK and create a high-level summary of their key functionality.​

This would be based on existing information and knowledge we hold, supported with further additional requirements gathered as identified in initial scoping session.  ​

From this we will discount suppliers based upon our knowledge and your requirements; and create a ‘shortlist’ of the top three firms for your consideration.​

     3. Supplier shortlist ​and detailed analysis

This would be a far more granular review of the top three suppliers identified.

This process would include FTRC and the advice firm having detailed calls/demos with each supplier and producing a final assessment based upon your stated requirements.​

In this phase we would review areas such as, but not limited too:​

  1. Key functions / products available ​
  2. Integrations (current and planned) ​
  3. Key strengths and weaknesses​
  4. Pricing ​
  5. Future roadmap and developments ​

At this stage we would also look at how each firm might work inside your firm and within your current processes and technologies.​


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