Insights from Shift 2023

March 19th-20th 2023

“The go-to industry event for financial advisors who celebrate the impact of holistic, human-first financial advice and explore the latest industry changes.”

CatchLight is an AI-based facial analysis and recognition platform incubated by Fidelity Labs. Using deep learning algorithms, it extracts insights on human behaviour, emotions, and demographics from facial data. CatchLight supports businesses in enhancing customer experiences, increasing security, and making informed decisions. Originating from Fidelity Labs, the platform leverages innovation and expertise to develop applications across various sectors, including retail, marketing, finance, and public safety, to improve audience interaction and understanding.

Name Connor Rood – Director of Sales
Company  CatchLight
Location United States

Altruist is a digital platform founded by Jason Wenk, aimed at assisting financial advisors with commission-free investment solutions. The platform provides an integrated suite of tools for portfolio management, reporting, and client engagement, simplifying advisors’ workflow and facilitating practice growth. Altruist’s goal is to improve client relationships, reduce costs, and enable advisors to serve a diverse client base. Under Wenk’s guidance, the platform focuses on making financial advice more accessible and cost-effective.

Name Jason Wenk – Founder and CEO
Company  Altruist
Location United States

eMoney Advisor is a financial planning software provider that offers comprehensive solutions for wealth management professionals. The platform includes robust planning tools, interactive client experiences, and seamless integrations with third-party applications, enabling advisors to create goal-based financial plans and streamline practice management. Kristina Gudelis, a financial vlogger on Instagram at @Financialyou_, shares her insights and experiences with eMoney Advisor, promoting informed decision-making and supporting clients in achieving their financial objectives.

Name Kristina Gudelis – Manager, Advisor Sales
Company  eMoney
Location Philadelphia, United States

White Glove is a comprehensive marketing and client acquisition service for financial professionals. The company specializes in organizing and promoting educational seminars and webinars, allowing advisors to connect with potential clients and share valuable financial knowledge. By providing a suite of services, including event planning, marketing, and post-event follow-up, White Glove aims to streamline the client acquisition process and help advisors grow their practices while focusing on delivering quality financial advice.


Lara Galloway –

SVP Channel Management

Company  White Glove
Location Michigan, United States

Lumiant is a client engagement platform designed to support financial advisors in providing personalized financial advice. By leveraging technology and behavioural science, Lumiant facilitates meaningful conversations between advisors and clients, enabling the development of tailored financial plans. The platform’s focus on life goals and values helps advisors better understand clients’ needs and aspirations. Lumiant’s goal is to create stronger advisor-client relationships and empower clients to make informed financial decisions aligned with their life objectives.

Name Mark Akeroyd – Head of Product
Company  Lumiant
Location Illinois, United States

Shaping Wealth is a financial education and consulting firm co-founded by Brian Portnoy and Neil Bage. The company helps financial advisors and organizations harness behavioural insights to enhance financial decision-making. By integrating behavioural finance, technology, and communication expertise, Shaping Wealth provides training, tools, and resources to support advisors in offering personalized, values-driven advice. With the combined experience of Portnoy and Bage, the firm guides advisors in building stronger client relationships and achieving improved financial outcomes.

Name Neil Bage – Co-founder
Company  Shaping Wealth
Location United States

Rob Cook from Elements gives an update on the latest developments and how in keeping with the spirit of the Shift event, Elements can help advisers get to the Human First part of the discussion faster.

Name Rob Cook – Account Executive
Company  Elements
Location United States

SmartAsset connects users with local financial advisors based on their unique needs, enabling them to receive professional guidance. The platform aims to simplify complex financial concepts and empower users to take control of their financial future. The platform also provides resources such as calculators, interactive tools, and data-driven insights across various financial topics, including retirement, taxes, and investing to help people make better decisions when choosing an advisor.

Name Steve Wolf – Enterprise Sale Director
Company  smartasset
Location New York, United States

Asset-Map is an online platform that enables individuals and organisations to map, manage and track their assets. It makes it easy to collect information about what matters most to you – your financial resources and how best to use them. Whether it’s mapping out investments, retirement plans or philanthropic goals; Asset-Map aims to provide the tools needed for comprehensive planning.

Name Adam Holt – CEO
Company  Asset Map
Location United States