About InterGen Data:

InterGen Data is an American firm, founded in 2017, which develops proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help financial organisations predict when their clients are likely to have an important life or health event, what this could be and how it might impact the client financially.


Website: www.intergendata.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/intergendata

Twitter: @InterGenData

Tel: +1 972 833 2820


HQ: Plano, TX, USA

Founded: 2017

Product Demo’d: DAVID – Digital Advice via Demographics

Presenter (s): Robert J Kirk, Founder & CEO

Demo Synopsis:

  • Artificial intelligence program providing users with cash flow forecast to show the impact of upcoming life events
  • Allows the user to understand in real-time what should be incorporated in their financial plan

InterGen Data Digital Advice Via Demographics (DAVID) – in their own words:

Today, most people don’t have enough in savings to overcome a $400 unexpected bill, live paycheck to paycheck, and would have to borrow money if they were out of a job for over 3 months. More importantly, most people don’t understand what it takes to be able to financially deal with a life altering event such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s, or Diabetes. While most firms have the right products and services to help clients, they struggle to have the difficult conversations that are necessary to proactively help. To address this, we at InterGen Data, Inc. have developed an AI/ML based platform that will help empower your advisors to know when to speak to their clients, what to speak to them about, and how to help them better prepare for life’s unexpected moments. This solution can easily be deployed as a white-labeled product, integrated with your smart speaker, portal, CRM, and/or marketing solution.