About Unipass Mailock:

Unipass Mailock, developed by Origo and Beyond Encryption, aims to transform how advisers communicate securely with their clients.  It is a simple, easy to integrate encrypted email solution which delivers a full audit trail to verify when a secure communication has been opened by the intended recipient.

Key Info

Website: www.unipassmailock.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/origo-services-ltd/ &  www.linkedin.com/company/beyond-encryption/

Twitter: @Origo_Services & @BeyondEncrypt

Tel: 0871 221 2345

Key Stats

HQ: Edinburgh, UK

Founded: 2019

Product Demo’d: Unipass Mailock

Presenter(s): Paul Holland, Managing Director, Beyond Encryption & Peter Brutin, Head of Customer Services and Engagement, Origo

Demo Synopsis:

  •  Out of the box encryption solution for financial advisers which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, requiring minimal configuration
  • Delivers secure email delivery – message can only be opened by the intended recipient
  • Enables user to communicate with clients securely across multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile)
  • Includes branding capabilities to allow advisers to maintain their house-style

Unipass Mailock – in their own words:

Securing your organisation’s email communications has never been more important, a fact reinforced by the FCA’s 2019/2020 Business Plan. A plan that focuses extensively on cyber-attacks and operational resilience. To help address the vulnerabilities that lie in email communication we are now launching, at the event, our new encrypted email service Unipass Mailock. The service features:

  • Integration with Unipass Identity so you can easily open your secure emails
  • Military Grade Encryption to protect your emails in transit
  • A full audit trail allowing you to verify when a secure email and any attachments have been opened by the intended recipient, enabling your organisation to meet MIFID II requirements
  • The ability to recall an email if you accidentally send to the wrong recipient
  • You can brand your secure emails so your clients can easily recognise your emails and trust they are from your organisation