Peer-to-Pier Session – MIC US 2024

In the ‘Peer-to-Pier’ session at MIC US 2024, Morningstar’s Kira Frank was joined by:

  • Taunya Villicana, Aspirational Wealth Management
  • Ted Tiger, Tiger Investment Services
  • Eric K. Peterson

The focus of the discussion was on collaborative learning and leveraging technology in wealth management practices. Speakers emphasised the importance of peer learning and encouraged attendees to adopt a mindset of learning from others without hesitation. They highlighted the integration of advanced tools like Morningstar’s workstation, which includes features such as X-Ray and Snapshot. These tools aim to enable advisors to comprehensively analyse client portfolios, visualise performance metrics, and effectively communicate with clients during and after meetings. The session also emphasised the role of technology in managing client expectations, demonstrating risks, and enhancing interactive client engagements through visual aids and customised data analysis.

Watch the session highlights in the videos below:

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