About Wealthify:

Wealthify is an online investment platform offering ISA, GIA and Junior ISA, which specialises in using ETFs to minimise investment costs to clients.  Their simple and clear approach encourages customers to take control of their finances, ensuring that all fees and regulatory factors are transparent.

Wealthify entered into a strategic partnership with Aviva in February 2018.


Website: https://www.wealthify.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wealthify

Twitter: @Wealthify_com

Tel: 0800 802 1800


HQ: Cardiff, UK

Founded: 2014

Product Demo’d: Digital Wealth Management System

Presenter(s): Dan Giddings, Head of Business Development

Demo Synopsis:

  • Digital solution to service smaller clients or incubates them until they reach scale
  • Engaging dynamic platform to help the client understand how changing the investment amount or strategy can affect projected outcome
  • Can be white labelled for the adviser firm
  • Delivers a pipeline of future prospects for the advice firm

Wealthify Digital Wealth Management System – in their own words:

A solution for your smaller clients. Partnering with Wealthify could help you deliver value to smaller clients while taking a hands-off approach that could still earn you revenue. At Wealthify, we don’t do advice. We provide a beautifully designed, simple investment platform that allows your smaller clients to self-service until they reach a scale that makes them commercially viable for you.

Benefits of partnering with Wealthify

  • Monetise your smaller clients through our referrals programme
  • Keep hot prospects warm, engaging them once they’ve scaled
  • Transfer legacy or smaller cases for immediate referral fees
  • Take advantage of co-branding with Wealthify or white label our service