Zack Kass & James Rhodes on the future – MIC US 24

Zach Kass and James Rhodes discussed AI’s transformative impact on society, work, and relationships. Kass, a futurist and former OpenAI executive, likened the AI revolution to past industrial revolutions, emphasising its potential. He predicted AI would boost productivity, shift economic competition, and cure diseases, while commoditising knowledge and making human relationships more important. Despite costs, he is optimistic about AI improving life and work.

Kass also highlighted four major risks: reduced critical thinking, increased device addiction, identity displacement, and unintended AI decision consequences. He emphasised teaching values and ensuring AI transparency to mitigate these risks.

On privacy, Kass reassured that companies like OpenAI protect personal data and advocated for high standards for AI software. Acknowledging the generational costs of technological progress, he remains hopeful about AI’s profound impact on human experience. Watch the highlights below:


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