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Insights from ‘ T3 – Technology Tools for Today’ 2023

Insights from:"Always on my must-attend conferences list, T3 2023 did not disappoint. Here is my summary of pitches and updates from frond attending the show and don’t miss at the end, words from Joel Bruckenstein & Marie Swift who do so much to make this one of...

EATT 23 Demo – Intelliflo

EATT 22 Disturbance Demo - Personal Finance Portal by IntellifloSynopsis: Last year intelliflo was the winner of a best-in-show award with their disturbance demo on intelliflo planning. This year TC will be showcasing the refreshed personal finance portal and the...

EATT 23 Demo – Conquest Planning

EATT 22 Disturbance Demo - Conquest Planning Inc Strategic Advice ManagerSynopsis: SAM (Strategic Advice Manager) is an intelligent assistant that reduces trial & error planning by guiding the user to client-centred outcomes. Remove the fear factor associated with...

EATT 23 Demo – 7IM

EATT 22 Disturbance Demo - Retirement Income Solutions by 7IMSynopsis: The RIS has been designed to help advisers answer the most common of client questions – do I have enough money to last in retirement? It gives advisers and their clients a realistic, robust and...

EATT 23 Demo – Parmenion

EATT 22 Disturbance Demo - Advisory Models Pro by ParmenionSynopsis: Advisory Models PRO keeps clients on track with their investment strategy simply and easily. It reduces the admin burden of manually gathering client consent As soon as digital consent is received,...

EATT 23 Demo – Ortec Finance

EATT 22 Disturbance Demo - OPAL by Ortec Finance“Goal based financial planning & modelling”Synopsis: OPAL's core mission is to help people with investment decisions. OPAL enables advisors to provide timely, insightful and valuable advice at scale. The result is...

Insights from InsureTech Connect 2022

Insights from InsureTech Connect 2022, Vegas"I was warned before I visited insure tech connect that the scale could be quite intimidating. It is an awesome event although the scale is certainly something else. 2 1/2 really intense days but certainly time well spent."...

Insights from Riskalyse 2022

Insights from Riskalyse Fearless Investing 2022"Last October, I visited the Fearless Investing conference for the first time. Aaron Klein deservedly has a reputation as one of the nicest guys in the financial services industry, indeed, the whole Riskalyze team are...

Insights from Festival of Financial Planning 2022

Insights from Festival of Financial Planning 2022The Festival of Financial Planning organised by The Personal Finance Society, is the U.K.’s premier event for financial advisers. It took place for the second time on 1st & 2nd November 2022. 3000 advisers delegates...

Insights from FutureProof festival 2022, California

Insights from FutureProof Festival 2022, Huntington Beach California"Attending financial advice and technology conferences around the world has been a big part of my life for the last decade, but I’ve never been to anything quite like Future Proof! A combined...