This week, while Ian is in Florida for the LIMRA Life Insurance Conference, I will be summarising the week that has passed on and our other sites.

We began this week by offering our adviser community a 45% discount on tickets to our upcoming Empowering Advice Through Technology (#EATT2022) conference next month.  More details can be found here.

Empowering Advice Through Technology #EATT, which takes place on May 26th, is a very different event; it is just for those who are serious about making the most use of technology in their business. This is the show to attend if you want to learn about the best technology to help your businesses.

We ask that you take the time to complete our Adviser Tech Ratings surveys to enjoy this HUGE discount. Completing one survey entitles you to a 20% reduction on the cost of a basic Advisor ticket, but completing more surveys increases this to a 45% discount.

We currently have surveys for the following five practice areas:

  1. Wealth Practice Management Systems
  2. Financial Planning Tools
  3. Cash Flow Modelling Tools
  4. Portfolio Analysis Tools
  5. Client Portals

    Each survey should take no more than 4 minutes to complete. In addition to your savings, you will get access to our thorough analysis on over 100 different adviser software solutions.

    After completing the surveys, a member of the FTRC team will contact you directly to provide you with your exclusive #EATT2022 discount code.

    Later in the week, following a thorough demonstration, we presented the extensive analysis we’ve conducted on Benchmark Capital’s Wealth Practice Management System (Enable) and Client Portal (Wealth Platform).

    Not a current Benchmark Capital user? Don’t worry, our Advice Tech Hub contains in-depth assessments of many systems.

    Protection Guru

    Our industry has some amazing female leaders and is possibly more represented in leadership roles than most. That being said there is still much more that can be done. With that in mind I have the honour of attending and taking part in yesterday’s Women in Protection Conference and Awards, the first time the event has been held since the Covid pandemic.

    The conference has been running for a couple of years now and is something I would encourage all advisers, female and male to either attend or engage with. The organisers put on a packaged agenda of important and thought provoking presentations and panel discussions, one of which I had the pleasure of taking part in looking at underserved markets.

    As well as congratulating all of the worthy winners and those shortlisted, I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate the Women in Protection Network for having organised a fantastic conference. There was a fantastic buzz in the room and I certainly came away from the day with lots to think about and do, whilst also feeling genuinely proud of the work our industry does (and recognising the process we need to still make).

    You can find out more about the good work the Women in Protection Network do here.

    Turning to our regular Protection Guru website coverage, we want to begin by highlighting an insight we published on Thursday to mark Stress Awareness Month and examining how stress is covered on income protection policies. This is an important insight that all advisers should read, to understand some of the challenges in assessing claims for stress related workplace absence. With work being done to promote income protection to more consumers and hopefully drive up sales of IP, we need to ensure clients fully understand how the product works and any limitations in cover, particularly when it comes to common issues like stress.

    Looking back to the beginning of the week, we kicked off on Monday with another awareness piece, this time marking Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week and how the condition is covered by critical illness plans.

    On Tuesday we turned our attention to income protection again and the terminal illness benefits and special terms offered by some insurers. Whilst on Wednesday critical illness was once again the focus, specifically the free cover offered by some insurers on their CI plans. This important feature can help protect clients whilst their application is being underwritten and is something we would encourage advisers to be aware of.

    Finally, we finished the week with a roundup of our recent insights examining free and immediate cover across income protection, critical illness and life insurance.

    Have a lovely long weekend everyone.