The aim of Cyber Security Month is not to be too technical, instead rather that we will look at ensuring that the information we share will help you understand what you can do in a practical sense to understand the potential issues and what you can do about them.

Supplementing these papers will be a simplified checklist to help distil the information and help you understand what may be behind cyber security best practice.

Our Papers will cover

Week 1


Internet security, Cloud, Devices and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

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Week 2


Secure Encrypted Communication – passwords, secure mail, webmail accounts

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Week 3

IT Provision & Controls

Physical security, storage, control, breaches, ransomware, phishing, smishing

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Week 4

Process & Procedures

Training, audits/reviews, insurance, processes

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Why a month about Cyber Security?

We are all aware of the threat that comes along with using the internet. What we are generally less aware of is what exactly they are and what we can do to stop them. Often the answer is not necessarily a technical one, rather it is a combination of best practice from everyone in your organisation combined with a good coherent IT software and hardware strategy.

For many countries October is the official month of raising Cyber Security awareness, including across Europe and the US.

So for each week during October we will look to publish a paper that concentrates on some of the key issues facing businesses and what they can do about them. These papers will look to build your knowledge and understanding and support you in preventing a potential attack.

The consequences of an attack

Anything related to ‘Cyber’ can often be interpreted as something related exclusively to technology hardware or software. The reality is that in addition to this firms have suffered considerably from the reputational damage that accompanies an attack. Confidence can be lost quickly and have an impact on both clients and internal staff. Revenues can be hit hard through fines and the impact on business as usual activities. The paper in week four will look to help you understand how you can help mitigate the impact of a Cyber Security breach.

Some of the fines to large organisations (non-financial services) have been large, with the largest over 700 million euros. But regardless of size the threat continues to increase, the FCA reported a 52% increase in reported attacks in the year to 2021.

Best Practice Checklist

With each paper there will be a summary checklist that we hope you will find useful, based around the topics of the week and what we think will help you adopt best practice around these topics. The consistent adoption of best practice across your business will help you prevent an attack.

Consistently it is reported that he most common reason for why Cyber attacks are successful is because of human error. Something you can control and improve by adopting a best practice approach.

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