EATT 2023 Disturbance Demo – ChatGPT (with Phil Calvert)

“Using ChatGPT and AI for Marketing, Lead Generation and Client Communications”


  • Why and how AI can support your existing lead generation strategy
  • Practical examples of how to use AI in your financial advice business for lead generation
  • Best practices for using AI tools for lead generation

In their own words:

“AI is with us and here to stay. Some financial advisers will be extremely nervous whilst other are incredibly excited. One thing is for certain, the pace of change in the impact of AI in financial advice businesses will accelerate rapidly.

Don’t miss this groundbreaking demonstration on how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools as part of your marketing, lead generation and client communications.”




Company Info

HQ: San Francisco, USA

Product Displayed: ChatGPT

Presenter:  Philip Calvert, Keynote Speaker, Author & LinkedIn Trainer