EATT 2023 Disturbance Demo – Conquest Planning Inc Strategic Advice Manager


  • SAM (Strategic Advice Manager) is an intelligent assistant that reduces trial & error planning by guiding the user to client-centred outcomes.

  • Remove the fear factor associated with overly complex technology. Users do not have to be experts leaving them to focus on delivering value and helping clients to understand the immediate impact of the plan.

  • Simple and efficient planning for all clients regardless of wealth, using real-time complex calculation engines to ensure all planning needs are covered.

In their own words:

“The ethos of Conquest is to empower Financial Planners to provide access to financial advice for more people by enabling advisers with next-generation financial planning software. Technology should help and not hinder business processes, enabling more time to be spent servicing new and existing clients.

SAM (Strategic Advice Manager) is an AI expert system that will simplify the advice process. Removing the trial & error style of building financial plans and assisting the user towards the best financial outcomes for the client. SAM ensures the user can focus on what the client wants, instead of showing what they can’t do.

By reducing the reliance on the user, the technology enables them to deliver simple or complex plans quickly and efficiently, ensuring real-time collaboration, and demonstrating the value of advice.

Following on from our launch at EATT 22, we will showcase our ability to seamlessly run ‘what if scenarios’ on the plan to alleviate client concerns in addition to a number of enhancements to the application over the last 6 months.

Conquest brings human connection and the power of technology together, to create something greater than either could do alone.”

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Company Info

HQ:  Winnipeg, Manitoba – Canada

Founded: 2018

Product Displayed:  Conquest Planning Inc Strategic Advice Manager

Presenter:  Rob Tedder, Account Manager UK