On Wednesday Adam Flowers insight looked at a very different risk profiling system and wealth management system Amplify by Advantra, that uses some fascinating cognitive behavioural science, facial recognition and eye tracking technology. I know some of the old guard in risk profiling hate such innovations and don’t even like their merits being discussed, but I think it is worthy of serious consideration. Yesterday Adam examined BAT Software’s regtech tool, something else taking a different approach.

Investment Forum returns on 21 September, where the discussion will focus on Cyber Security & Secure Communications and whether firms have changed their methods of data security since the start of the pandemic.  We are delighted to have Tony Challands, Group Head of IT at Benchmark Capital and SJP’s Group Head of Cyber Security, Matt Smith as panellists for this session.

Advisers can register for a free ticket to attend the online meeting by visiting this link. If you work with a platform, insurer, reinsurer or technology provider speak to the AdviserSoftware.com team about attending.

DeadHappy have been highly innovative, if equally controversial in their approach to marketing protection. From numbers released recently it can also be seen that they are having significant success.

Over at Protection Guru, I’m going to start by giving a final reminder for our Protection Forum meeting next Tuesday 7th September at 1.30pm.

I’m pleased to confirm that DeadHappy co-founder Phil Zeidler will join the meeting and to offer his perspective on the subject and share some thoughts and ideas on how DeadHappy approach their marketing. As ever, we’ll be opening the floor to questions and discussions, so come prepared with anything you wish to ask Phil.

The full agenda for this meeting will be:

  • What can we learn from how DeadHappy markets itself to customers?
  • Personalised products vs simple products: Are they mutually exclusive?
  • What generic pre-underwriting information would make an adviser’s job easier?
  • Added Value Services: Product Gimmick or valuable support services?

    This looks like a hugely valuable agenda and one which anyone involved with advising, designing or marketing protection products would not want to miss

    Advisers can register for a free ticket to attend the online meeting via this link. Again, if you work for an insurer, reinsurer or technology provider and wish to participate please speak to one of the Protection Guru team.

    As we waved goodbye to summer and move into the autumn, Protection Guru began the week after the bank holiday with Amanda Newman Smith’s insight which looked at Who provides immediate critical illness cover during application underwriting. On Wednesday, Sam Shaw investigated which critical illness plans support parents when their child is hospitalised.

    Rob Harvey’s study for Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month on Thursday examined How cervical cancer is covered in critical illness plans and we wrapped up the week with a summary on Insuring business owners – 5 things you should read.

    Also, I will be participating in the ProtectX insurtech special next Thursday morning 9th September, 10:15 for a 10:30 start. You can register to view this important event here https://protectionreview.co.uk/insights/protectx5-insurtech-special.

    On Benefits Guru this week Kat Mitchell covered Understanding which providers are using PASA guidance.

    Have a great weekend everyone!