Adam Says
“PlanHappy is a great alternative to the well-established Practice Management Systems already in the market. We are aware that PlanHappy have a long list of new functionality they wish to introduce and so I am keen to see how the system progresses over the next year”.
Our Thoughts
Good Features:

  • Being able to link external calendars to the PlanHappy system.
Great Features:

  • Being able to set-up automated letters of authority and gap fill requests can be extremely helpful when sending multiple requests to varying providers.
  • The Training & Competency module

  • It would be great to see virtual meeting and screen sharing software included.
  • The addition of cashflow modelling software as part of the overall suite so that information added to the practice management system could be fed directly into the modeller.
  • Users are currently unable to produce Management Information (MI) reports. Again, this would be a very useful addition.