PractiFI, is a business management platform that incorporates Salesforce’s underlying functionality but has been rewired to suit financial advice firms.

The platform provides multi-disciplinary business such financial advice firms and accountants the ability to unify  client records without overlapping, provide extensive interaction capabilities, automate manual processes as well as implement an ecosystem with a number of partners which helps to facilitate seamless integrations.

PractiFI differs from the usual practice management platform provides fresh approach. The tool provides efficient back-office functions as well as automation which hasn’t been widely used within financial services yet. Users are provided with a full view of client information, analytics which can help identify unexplored opportunities and a user experience which incorporates the latest technology.

Robert says:

“PractiFI is more than the company that incorporates Salesforce infrastructure; the system provides a new way to providing business management and will fit well into any company’s technology stack.”

Our Thoughts




  • PractiFI provides the ability to track all interactions between clients automatically and also provides the option to enter information manually.
  • The search function allows users to search the data base for things such as telephone numbers, member account numbers, policy numbers etc.
  • Users have the ability to send direct messages to users by using the “@” icon.




  • Every Practice management system should have the ability to link with Personal Financial Management tools to highlight customer spending and with their integrations with companies such MoneyBrilliant PractIFI do this excellently.
  • The tool can be used across multi-disciplinary business for example financial advice firms and accountants providing single client records for each client.
  • PractiFI uses a many-to-many model which helps in the handling of client relationships between other clients, providers, and other firms.
  • Analytics within PractiFI allows firms to analyse a number of different things such as opportunities, clients, revenue, interactions, processes & Tasks, under Advice, Over Time and COI.
  • Firms can drill down where the work is sitting within the system, what team the work is with and if a particular individual is holding up the process.




  • PractiFI do a lot of things brilliantly, it will be interesting to see how they integrate with UK companies. The more integrations they have, the better the tool will be as they so a lot of things brilliantly.
  • As PractiFI has to be used in conjunction with other tools, the system is largely affected by how well it integrates with other systems.

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