Qwil Messenger describe themselves as the “WhatsApp for professional services”. The invitation-only, single app platform is a highly secure and compliant, multi-tenant instant messaging platform designed for professional firms, all their staff, clients and partners.

Qwil Messenger clearly outlines how the platform works and provides a clear message as to the platforms capabilities. It ticks all the right boxes – modern, easy to use, secure and helps firms meet their regulatory obligations.

The platform provides a robust and compliant chat platform that enables entities to interact with multiple different organisations. Qwil is subscribed to by Wealth Management and IFA firms as well other professional companies firms which use it internally between  all staff and with clients.

The one app solution is marketed as the only viable solution as “companies are using Qwil Messenger as they recognise that users only want one app for business chat and don’t want the friction of having a separate chat app per company.“

Qwil Messenger appear to be having a big impact in secure communications and is definitely a solution to watch.


  • Invitation only platform which means every participant is trusted and verified at all times.
  • Active consent by all participants.
  • Prospects can be invited and start the on-boarding process from the platform.
  • Main communication channel for all staff and clients (no other internal system required)
  • Full control of data, with contact books for clients and coordination rules (i.e. who can chat to whom) defined by company. Client representatives can invite other staff to service the client.
  • Ability to implement a customer service feature to redirect client queries.
  • Qwil Messenger offer connectors with popular enterprise products such as Salesforce and MS Active Directory and secure deep linking from existing platforms.
  • Qwil Messenger can be instantly deployed and a firm can be up and running within a few hours
  • Qwil Messenger offers a one app global solution for everyone – offers a safe and compliant platform that staff and their prospects, clients and partners can communicate on.
  • Their single, global chat app enables participants in any location to engage in branded, professional conversations with their companies whilst meeting the most security and regulatory requirements.
  • Users have the ability to swipe between each company’s brand space and chat.
  • Qwil Messenger has been designed to work seamlessly on both mobile and web and chats are synchronised across all user devices. Users can sign in using their Qwil account details from as many devices as they like.
  • Qwil Messenger offer out-of-the-box integrations and connectors with popular enterprise products such as Avaloq and Salesforce.
  • Open API’s – have more than 200 – provides the ability to do tasks such as automatically upload chats into CRM platform without having to download chat, automate documents to be sent to clients and conduct surveillance activities.
  • Qwil Messenger is available for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. You can also use our web app on any modern browser.
  • Customers have to authenticate themselves within the app to view messages sent to them.
  • Mobile attachment security – staff can only use camera within the app to send pictures of documents. The photo is never stored within the devices camera role. Where as a client can has the ability to add documents from the phone, camera or document library.
  • Once users are added to the chat, they can view previous correspondence and view on multiple devices.
  • Qwil Messenger provides the ability to download the transcript of the chats to store onto CRM systems.
  • Great searching capabilities for audit and compliance staff as they can search across the entire repository across the organisation even by former employees (if relevant permissions are given).
  • Qwil Messenger requires a data connection to be able to send and receive messages. On mobile, offline mode is available, so downloaded messages and content can be accessed when a connection is not present.
  • Users can draft messages offline, but these messages will be queued until a data connection is available.

Scope for improvement

  • Not an email solution – users have to buy into the platform.
  • Clients may be reluctant to download a specific app for professional services
  • There may be resistance for adoption from competing investment service providers because of Schroders involvement.

Qwil Messenger: Replacing insecure client emails with safe, compliant chat

Qwil Messenger
Security Strength (Cryptography)TLS 1.2 and AES256
Master Access (Company Admin)Yes
End to End encryptionYes
Supports Internal/External Messages Users have to log onto platform to communicate. Ability to send redirect email to Qwil coming soon.
Automatic EncryptionWhole platform is encrypted
Manual EncryptionWhole platform is encrypted
Email Programme integration Ability to send securely redirect email to Qwil coming soon.
File Security (Attachments & Attachment Support)Yes
Where messages and attachments are storedDeployed to AWS in the jurisdiction required. Companies can have own Virtual Private cloud (VPN) or co-mingled.
Size Limit (Per Email)50MB per attachment
Storage (Per User)N/A
Storage Limit (Account)N/A
Ability to revoke and track email?Yes, all threads can be revoked by staff users with clear audit trail and receipts
Mobile compatible Yes, QWIL Messenger is available for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. You can also use their web app on Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari browser.
Policy based encryption Whole platform is encrypted
Identity based encryption Yes, invitation only platform.
Recipient experienceEvery user can access QWIL via the mobile apps, as well as the web app using desktop Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari browser. Users have to accept an invitation and create their own QWIL ID and password on both mobile and web. When users login for the first time on a new device, they will use the same QWIL ID, password and one time passcode sent via SMS to activate their profile. Registration and app download dependant.
Recipient ID verification capabilities (message level)Yes, all threads and chats have unique addresses and assigned to Unique User ID
Unipass No
Simple/FREE, READ and reply processRequires registration and download of App to read.
Recipient ability to replyHas to have an account to reply – invitation only based platform.
AuthenticationTwo-factor authentication (2FA) for every user, on every device. End-to-end data encryption both in-flight and at rest.
Auditing - Ability to track when emails have been opened and any actions. Yes
Web BrowsersChrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari browser
Branding CapabilitiesYes
Industries Financial Services, Insurance, Accounting, Legal, Charities, Health, and SMEs

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