Be familiar with the terms & Common threats

  • Become more familiar with the general terms
  • Understand in broad terms, what they mean and what you can do to prevent attacks
  • Become familiar with the terms (ransomware, malware, phishing, etc.) and raise awareness across the business.

Challenge the source of your IT Provision

  • Ask your IT Provider to provide you with assurances that all these elements and others not expressly covered in week one’s paper are being addressed
  • Does your IT Provider have evidence that they themselves are protected against cyber threats?
  • Ask your IT Provider to evidence effective cyber threat protection measures. Are they independently audited? What were the findings?

Physical Security

  • You can control the physical environment in which you work
  • Sign in and sign out paper files and removable media
  • Destroy / Shred all paper where the personal data has been saved to systems
  • Control those who may operate within your business temporarily
  • Only give access to staff who need access to certain areas of the business, including locked areas of the business.

Training and Awareness

  • Keep all staff up to date
  • Raise awareness and keep staff trained and retrained around cyber terms and the main threats
  • Employ best practices across the whole business.

Communicate Securely

  • Any personal information must be transmitted securely
  • Secure email and peer-to-peer (portal) should be utilised.

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