Understand the measures you can take to help create a best-practice environment.

  • Consistent application across these key areas will directly help reduce the impact of cyber threats.

Managing People

  • Appropriate permissions are given only to each member of staff.
  • Regular reviews of permissions and enforcing a strict process that controls joiners, leavers, and changing of roles are in place.
  • Invest in ongoing training to ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities in respect of cyber security
  • Create a schedule for training and refresher training
  • Appoint someone to oversee the cyber security of the business.

Managing Systems

  • Is your IT provision accredited? Do they provide you with a regular status update against all potential areas of cyber security breaches?
  • Where no automated capability exists, ensure that the appropriate staff are trained to carry out the required software updates.
  • A regular annual audit of all your software is recommended.
  • Utilise Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Manage the working environment at the Office and at Home

  • Ensure that the employment standards expected in the office space apply equally at home.

Managing Communications

  • Ensure the point(s) at which communication begins with the outside of your organisation is as secure as it can be. This means ensuring that you are employing best practices around email and communication in particular.

Email Best Practice

  • Allow the author of the email to send the email securely at the point of origin.
  • Always use a secure channel whenever any personal data is sent.

Cyber Insurance

  • Consider Cyber Insurance to help protect against all the potential consequences of a cyber breach.

Seek professional IT help

  • If needed and ensure you review your processes and procedures regularly. Seek professional help if you are in any doubt.

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