Utilising Secure email

  • Using secure email integrated with your normal email capability
  • Ensure that staff understand what should be always sent through securely
  • Educate clients when needed on how to utilise the secure email capability when sending in personal information.

Portal secure communication (Peer-to-Peer Communication)

    • Look to utilise portal technology as a method of communication
    • Documents can be published to the portal for the client
    • Client can publish documents and complete information forms
    • Utilise e-signature capability if available

Password Protocols

  • Ensure everyone knows what best practice is like
  • Assigning someone the responsibility of ensuring best practice is enforced – make it part of a job description
  • Clear desk policy
  • Think about adopting password-generating software

Training & Education

  • Put a standing item in staff training for secure communication best practice
  • Ensure the staff understands the reasons why standards around secure communication need to be very high
  • Staff should understand the benefits and the possible fines that could take place

Email content

  • Any personal data – e.g., Name, Address, Date of Birth should be sent securely
  • Any personal sensitive data – related to personal preferences over such things as religion, politics, sexual preferences, etc. should always be sent securely

IT support

  • Ensure that the most up-to-date versions of the software are installed

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