EValue Pension Freedom Planner is an at retirement cash flow modelling solution that allows advisers to take their clients through a plethora of what if scenario’s highlighting how likely they will achieve their goals by using charts, solution comparisons, short fall analyses and storyboards.

EValue Life Planner has an integration with EValue Pension Freedom Planner which is an at retirement cash flow modeller solution and both solutions work in synergy even though they are two separate modules.

The cash flow planning journey goes through several stages, the first stage is entering client’s data, the second stage presents the clients current situation and the next stage allows “What if” scenarios to be run. After this, a report can be generated and presented to the client.

The system allows a comparison of the client’s current situation and recommended solution either side by side or overlaid.

EValues Economic Scenario stochastic modelling powers the Pension Freedom Planner and highlights when it believes the clients savings will run out as well as their expected mortality (Mortality data is from Chartered Management Institute and produced by the Institute of Actuaries).

Their Economic Scenario Generator and enables the adviser to explore the Plethora of “What if?” scenario’s. The system also allows user to enter client funds using an ISIN or CITI codes and base projections on the underlying assets. The User is able to clicks on expandable titles, which allows the user to enter more information. Titles include; target income, save more money, take more or less risk, work part time in retirement, include rental income, sell my business, downsize my home, receive inheritance money and by an annuity after a period of income drawdown.

Not many at retirement cash flow modelling systems will provide projections based on the actual underlying assets. This feature is important because projections configured for each asset class and use the FCA’s rates of return for assumed growth rates. This provides better outcomes when using ‘What if’ scenarios with the potential to create rules to stimulating what would happen to assets under certain economic situations such as market crash which generally leads to a reduction in interest rate rise and bond yield increase.

Robert says:

“With further integrations with open banking, the pension dashboard and property valuation services such as Zoopla, EValues Pension Freedom planner will definitely be at the forefront of simplified at retirement cashflow planning.”

Our Thoughts




  • Integration with Evalue’s Life Planner is seamless and reduces the need to re-key information.
  • Provides a number of calculations based on Tax vehicle. 
  • Provides advisers with the ability to explore a plethora of “What-if” scenarios.




  • EValues stochastic modelling powers the Pension Freedom Planner provides value insights such as when the clients savings will run out as well and their expected mortality.
  • System has the ability to provide projections based on the underlying asset classes.




  • Accuracy of spending behaviour can be improved by utilising open banking which could provide valuable data and insight into the clients spending patterns.
  • Increase the number of integrations with back office providers.

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