Iress have launched a new client portal option as part of their standard “out of the box” Xplan service. This is now included at no additional charge for new Xplan subscribers. Existing users may have to pay additional charges, depending on what they currently subscribe to. It has been designed as a global solution that can be used by the thousands of Xplan users around the world.


Iress have a created a client portal that offers a front-end interface that includes a host of analysis tools providing clients with the ability to monitor the performance of their plans and individual holdings. The system allows clients to communicate directly with a firm through a number of channels. This includes secure messaging, co browsing and video chat functionality using SuiteBox.

Digital signature capabilities are provided within the client portal enabling advisers to request for documents to be signed securely and returned quickly with a full audit trail.

The service is delivered in the Cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS), meaning information can be accessed anywhere.


The system has been built around an Umbraco based content management system. Sites are built internally by Iress and use a client specific URL, typically Using Umbraco allows Iress to create flexible and personalised websites at speed. Websites are available to all customers at no extra cost to the advice firm or the client.

Robert says:

“The IRESS client portal offers all the standard functionality that you would expect and provides vast customisation capabilities. In terms of innovative features it is lacking compared to some in the market.”

Ian says:

“Although the initial functionality is limited there are some nice features on the road map and I will be very interested to see where this service evolved to by the summer.”

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