When ideas and business requirements are not fulfilled by technological solutions, businesses cannot function with the efficiencies required to be successful. With origins from Bath, Somerset, i4C was birthed from frustration of Financial Planners whose business requirements were not able to be fulfilled because of limitations of systems the market so they decided to build their own.

The i4C system is a web-based cash flow modelling tool that aims to provide an engaging and easy to use journey whilst completing complicated financial planning calculations.

i4C’s tool provides users with tools to calculate complex cash flow calculations and present information with easy to understand output. The tool includes a number of wizards which aid in the delivery of calculations and help with the educational aspect of Financial planning. Wizards include Surplus/deficit, Protection, Capacity for loss.

As client data is entered, i4C converts this into English narrative in order to play this back to the client in a clear and understandable manner. The narrative can also be exported into a word document along with selected graphs.

The unified system which reduces the amount of rekeying and includes smart features such as 1m translating into 1,000,000 without the need of keying in additional figures. 

Robert says:

“i4C continue to develop an already exciting proposition. With the system built by advisers and for advisers you can see they have really put the adviser practicality at the forefront of their design process.”

Our Thoughts




  • The tool is engaging and easy to you and provides complex calculations via an easy to use interface.
  • The inputs for the client data are built around dynamic questioning where only fields that are applicable to the client are shown as details are added.
  • The tool allows Bulk Firm level assumptions, meaning firms can make changes for product, platform, fund and ongoing fees at once.




  • User interface is slick and easy to navigate.
  • All calculations within i4C includes the tax treatment of the various different investment vehicles and wrappers. Examples of Inputs include, Investments, Pensions, Business and Property (Residential, Investment and/or Commercial).
  • The surplus/deficit wizard tool- enables users to calculate the required adjustment to spending and returns to achieve desired goals such as “I never want to run out of money” or “I always want to have £100,000 in liquid assets”.




  • Providing an app that can be accessed offline which will help advisers using the tool on the go easier.
  • Any surplus contributions currently feed into Investments only, would be beneficial if surplus would feed into pensions too.
  • Increase “what-if” scenario age to past 100 years of age.

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