True Potentials ClientSite provides firms with a fully white labelled client platform which is able in incorporate the firms complete branding. ClientSite provides a number of features that can help provide additional value for firms clients.

As well as being able to provide clients with access to all their personal and investment information, the tool also includes a banking aggregation feed from Yodlee allowing them to provide Personal Financial Management (PFM) tools.

The client portal is fully OMNI-channel as it is built using HTML5 and also available via apps on iOS and Android.

True Potentials ClientSite contains a smart feature that enables clients to save at will. Through their full integrated platform, the Impulse Save feature enables clients to save anything from £1 upwards at the click of a button and feed the funds directly into their investment(s).

Clients can simply click on impulse save button, select which product(s) they would like to top up, enter the desired amount, choose payment method and the impulse save is completed the following day.

In addition, Clients are also able to create impulse reminders which can come in the form of text message which prompts users to to answers message inviting them to quickly top up. The process is completed by simply responding with the words “YES”.

Robert says:

“True Potential Impulse Save really does encourage clients to top up their investment pot(s). It truly is a smart way to encourage saving.”

Our Thoughts




  • The tool provides clients with access to all their personal and investment information.
  • The tools also includes a real-time banking aggregation feed from Yodlee allowing users to utilise PFM tools.
  • Assets and liabilities are offset against each other with even outstanding mortgages depicted.




  • The Impulse Save feature is great as it encourages and facilities payments for top up.
  • Client’s can add a number of different assets including art collections, boats and yachts that previously were difficult to capture for advisers.
  • Synergy between True Potential product suite is seamless.
  • Ability to send all clients information at once.




  • Ideally we would like to see the system linked to other Practice Management systems and Personal Financial Management tools however given the vertically integrated model we recognise this is unlikely.

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