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Good practice for virtual meetings

Good practice for virtual meetings
A few simple steps can help your meetings run better, especially if you are using virtual meetings with clients who are not used to them.

If you haven’t conducted a virtual meeting with a client before:

  • Ask if they engage in virtual meetings regularly
  • Check if they are used to using the particular software package you are using
  • Offer to run through the key controls and functions that are available
  • Check that they understand and are happy that you will record the meeting
  • Consider scheduling your meeting to start 10 minutes before or after the hour/half hour
  • Allocate 50 minutes for one-hour meetings and 25 for 30 minutes to give yourself time to make any notes immediately after in case you have back-to-back sessions
If you are running a large meeting
Here are a few quick tips which can be useful if you are running a larger virtual meeting:

  • Join a few minutes ahead of the start time
  • Allow time for introductions or re-establishing relationships (it is like the social chat at the start of a physical meeting)
  • Mute your microphone when not talking
  • Try to avoid talking over / at the same time as other participants
  • Ask everyone to turn their video on unless you have a poor connection, this will stop people being distracted and multi-tasking
  • Be aware you are on camera
  • If there is a raise your hand function in the system use it so the meeting organiser can manage things effectively
  • Use the chat function to let people know if you can’t hear them, to pose questions or to directly contact individual participants

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Ian founded Financial Technology Research Centre in 1995 nearly two decades before “FinTech” became part of the industry lexicon. A boutique consultancy the firm focuses on how personal finance organisations can communicate more effectively with their customers and help them take better financial decisions. As part of this work the firm work with many of the U.K.’s leading long-term savings institutions, financial advisers and technology providers to identify emerging technologies that can transform customer relationships. More recently the firm has added its own InsureTech and RegTech ventures to help advisers ensure they help consumers find the life insurance and workplace pensions solutions that best meet the needs. In addition to developing a UK view Ian travels extensively to identify similar trends around the world and the lessons that can be learned from other countries.

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