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Ian McKenna: Midwinter to Bravura

Ian McKenna: Midwinter to Bravura

Midwinter to Bravura

The next innings in the AdviserTech Ashes

The Bravura acquisition of Midwinter may yet be the most fascinating of all these deals pulled off in August.

If it works, they may have pulled it off for a fraction of what they would have paid for recent target GBST. Midwinter describe themselves as the next generation OS for advice firms. I’ve not had a detailed look yet, but this appears a very broad ranging offering which may be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand the software covers a wide range functions not normally included within a traditional investment platform, but that means a lot of localisation will be needed. 

Previous Australian businesses coming to the UK have not always recognised the full extent of localisation needed to be a viable UK solution so the extent to which Midwinter get this right will be crucial.

To be fair, the UK and EMEA are not the only markets where there may be synergies between the two businesses, indeed APAC may be a more important region.

Putting a traditional adviser practice management and planning proposition on the front of technology supporting multiple platforms looks an interesting innovation, but in a UK context do Bravura have enough clients to make this work?

I can see this being as interesting as the rest of the Ashes although it may take rather longer to play out.

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Ian founded Financial Technology Research Centre in 1995 nearly two decades before “FinTech” became part of the industry lexicon. A boutique consultancy the firm focuses on how personal finance organisations can communicate more effectively with their customers and help them take better financial decisions. As part of this work the firm work with many of the U.K.’s leading long-term savings institutions, financial advisers and technology providers to identify emerging technologies that can transform customer relationships. More recently the firm has added its own InsureTech and RegTech ventures to help advisers ensure they help consumers find the life insurance and workplace pensions solutions that best meet the needs. In addition to developing a UK view Ian travels extensively to identify similar trends around the world and the lessons that can be learned from other countries.

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